Where to Find Authentic Dalmatian Dishes?

Dalmatian food is delicious. And healthy. So delicious and healthy in fact that UNESCO inscribed the Mediterranean Diet of Brac and Hvar in its list of intangible heritage back in 2013. With its fabulous olive oil, freshest ingredients and abundant Adriatic for the freshest catch of the day, it is no wonder that tourists are as charmed by Dalmatian cuisine as they are by its coastline and islands.

Stay a little longer and you will learn that the variety of Dalmatian cuisine is rich, and most areas have their own cuisine and dishes for which they are rightly famous. From Hvar gregada and Brac vitalac to the arambasi of Sinj and prsut of Dugopolje, Central Dalmatia is rich in indigenous dishes, which are stuffed with the finest and freshest local ingredients.

In an age where TripAdvisor reviews rule, it can be hard to find the best local dishes, and even harder to find the best places to try them, but help is at hand with the first global atlas of local dishes, which not only give in-depth information about the local dishes themselves, but also the best places to try them. These recommendations are given not by visiting tourists but an algorithm based on the opinions of food critics.

Central Dalmatian cuisine is fantastic – get to know it through the new TasteAtlas map of Dalmatia