Vrlika the Latest Inland Dalmatia Destination with Strong Growth

While Central Dalmatia’s islands and coastal resorts continue to grab most of the tourism headlines, things are quietly ticking along behind the mountains in inland Dalmatia.

Less than an hour from the coast and yet a million miles away from the crowds, the various destinations in Zagora are steadily increasing their tourism offer and attractions. And the foreign tourists are starting to take notice and come.

The numbers may be smaller, but one destination which is experiencing rapid growth is Vrlika, which lies close to both the source of the Cetina and gorgeous Lake Peruca.

In 2018, 2,988 overnight stays were realized, which is 84% more than the previous year when there were 1,618 overnight stays. There were 721 registered arrivals in Vrlika, which is 83% more than in 2017 when there were 393 arrivals.

That there were any overnight stays at all is testament to the local Vrlika Tourist Board and its efforts to encourage locals to engage more in tourism. Two years ago there were no accommodation options in the town for tourist rental, but now the first private accommodation rentals are available.

There are significantly more day trip visitors, of course, who can enjoy the natural water beauties of the Cetina and Lake Peruca, as well as historic fortresses, a variety of adventure sports, traditional gourmet delights and some of the most beautiful nature in Dalmatia. And where else can you find a full open-air opera in the middle of the peak season?

Check out why Vrlika is such an emerging destination in the official video below, then learn more about the destination here.