Via Brattia, 135km of Hiking Trails Across Brac

A great new addition for lovers of the Great Outdoors on one of Croatia’s most scenic islands – meet Via Brattia on the island of Brac.

Now you can be connected and explore the island in its entirety with this new 135 km hiking trail which visits almost every corner of the island, starting and ending in the capital of Supetar.

Via Brattia will pass through the centres of Supetar, Mirac, Sutivan, Bobovisca na moru, Lozisce, Milna, Murvice, Bol, Sumartin, Povalje, Pucisca, Postir, Skrip, and along the parish churches, reaching some of the most beautiful bays on Brac, such as Farska, Rasotica, Lovrecina, and Smrka. The trail is expected to be active from spring 2020.

“With the support of all local self-government units on the island of Brac and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, this trail around Brac is a joint project of all the tourist boards on our island and the municipalities of Pucisca and Nerezisca. The maps are nearly finished, and the markings have been taken over by the Mountaineering Association Profunda. After the areas are marked and the maps are printed, Brac will finally receive a beautiful hiking and tourist trail they have long dreamed of. Movement, learning and sustainability are new tourism trends that enrich travelers with invaluable experience, and the sun and the sea are just a bonus in this story,” said Ivan Cvitanic, director of the Supetar Tourist Board, where Via Brattia begins and ends.

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