Unusual Bol Attractions: The House Within the House

It is famous for Croatia’s most iconic beach, Zlatni Rat, but this is a destination on the southern shores of the island of Brac which has a lot more to offer away from the beach, including some rather unusual attractions, with quite a story behind them.

In Bol, there is the ‘house in a house’. The story says that the house was created in the 19th century when three brothers from Vukovic family married three Spanish women and decided to build a big house (Paloc) on their land. However, there was already a house located there, built by a local peasant called Marko.  The brothers offered Marko a handsome amount for the house, but Marko refused.  Influential brothers then sought help from the local authorities but Marko had a huge fight and even threatened to kill the mayor. Fearing retribution, Marko fled to the Dubrovnik Republic and brothers began to build the walls around Marko‚Äôs house, planning to bring it down in the process. As they sailed to Venice to get the material for the building, they were caught in a storm and died in a shipwreck. Since they had no heirs, Marko came back to live in his old house, surrounded by the walls of the unfinished house that are still there today.

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