UberBOAT Launches in Split, Viral Video over 3 Million Views

Another first for Central Dalmatia on June 30, 2017, as the much anticipated UberBOAT finally took to the water, with its maiden voyage from riva in Split to the nearby island of Solta.

The popular ride-share app is diversifying from its core business of connecting car drivers with waiting passengers, to take to the Adriatic Sea. While UberBOAT has been briefly available in other locations for special occasions, this is the first time the company has launched the service for an extended period.

The service will have initial fixed routes from Split, Split Airport, Hvar and Dubrovnik, while the boats will also be available for specific journeys, as well as day hire. As Central Dalmatia is the first location for UberBOAT for a longer period, the launch has attracted plenty of publicity globally, with this one video below alone gaining over 3 million views and tens of thousands of comments. A great promo for this slice of Central Dalmatian heaven.

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