Take Part in the Oldest Regatta in Croatia: Mrduja

The beaches of Central Dalmatia may be getting a little emptier as the end of the season approaches, but there is still plenty of action on the Adriatic, and one of the most eagerly anticipated sailing events of the year takes place in the traditional first week of October – the Mrduja regatta. Now in its 82nd year, the regatta is regarded as the oldest in Croatia.

It takes its name from the small island of the same name which has traditionally been a bone of ownership contention between the islands of Brač and Šolta, between which it lies, but in 1927, the small island achieved fame for a different reason, with the first Mrduja regatta. Count Toni Pavlović, a noble from Split, organised the regatta, a 22 mile race around the small island, which is clearly visible on the ferry through the two bigger islands, and whose coastline is just 500m.

The count himself won that day from a field of 11 vessels, and the event became an annual tradition – interrupted only by the Second World War – with several hundred boats expected at the 2013. It attracts serious sailors, as well those out for a fun day trip, and the eating and drinking is as important as the sailing for some. 
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