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101 Reasons to Visit the Dalmatian Coast, by The Sunday Mirror

British tourists are discovering the Dalmatian coast in ever greater numbers, and they are very welcome. There was a large increase in the number of British tourists in 2013, and with even more flights this summer, that trend is set to continue.

A very timely article in the Sunday Mirror, extolling the virtues of this fabulous region.

The Dalmatian coast has been attracting visitors for centuries – even before he had finished putting early Christians to the sword, the Roman emperor Diocletian built a splendid retirement home that still dominates the city of Split.

It’s off the beaten track for most of the large cruise lines and just too far for a day-trip from Dubrovnik, which pulls in today’s mega-ships and their passengers in droves, making the narrow streets of the medieval walled city unbearably crowded.

Its role as King’s Landing in the TV fantasy series Game of Thrones has added to its appeal – and to the number of visitors.