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Where is the Second Best Beach in the World? In Central Dalmatia of Course

There is a nice trend in global tourism writing these days – the quality of Dalmatia is appearing everywhere.

Another day, another world top ten beach in Central Dalmatia.

The best beaches in the world, according to Skyscanner – and Lovrecina Beach comes in at number two in the world. Other lists have beaches from Hvar and the mainland in the world’s best. The point is there are dozens of top quality beaches in the region, and you can find your perfect solution given the range of choice.

See the video below. Here’s what Skyscanner had to say about Lovrenica.

2. Lovrecina beach, Brac, Croatia

Lovely Lovrecina on the Dalmatian island of Brac in Croatia is sandy, with warm, shallow water. Zlatini Rat is more famous, but this forest-backed cove is pretty stunning itself.

So what are you waiting for? The beaches of Central Dalmatia are ready for your visit.