Split Reveals Designs for Future Pazar and Fish Market

They are two of the very lifebloods of the Dalmatian capital, feeding tourists and locals alike for decades, which also being a major tourist attraction and introduction to the fresh and healthy lifestyle of the UNESCO Mediterranean Diet.

The fish market and pazar with its green market have been serving the freshest catch from the Adriatic and fresh produce from the fields around Split since time immemorial, and their popularity and usefulness only increases with time.

So much in fact that the time has come for both these essential pillars of the Split way of life to undergo some modernisation and upgrading. Mayor Andro Krstulovic Opara and architect Dinko Peracic last week presented architectural and spatial studies for the new-look fish market and pazar, while maintaining their traditional place in Split history.

A key consideration for the development of pazar is making pedestrian traffic easier – currently it is blocked by kiosks. It is planned that Hrvojeca Street be transformed into a full-width pedestrian zone, with sellers only allowed to operate with mobile equipment under strict regulations.

Plans for the fish market include expanding it into Marmontova with a brand new section, which would be same height as the existing structure, bringing new and old into one building. The front of the market would see a veranda to protect customers by the entrance, offer protection from the sun to its glass facades, and bring additional quality to Marmontova’s public space. This area could also function as a covered area used for other purposes outside the official opening hours of the fish market.

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