Sinj Alka to Make Special Appearance in Vukovar

300 years of Central Dalmatian tradition are making their way north for a special edition of the Sinj Alka knights tournament, one of the most important cultural events in the Croatian cultural calendar, marking the successful repelling of the Siege of Sinj from the Ottomans in 1715.

While the event will once more take place in August in Sinj, as it has done for 300 years, this year will see an extra Sinj Alka, in Vukovar on May 4, 2017.

“Maintaining the Sinjska Alka in Vukovar is not only a historical connection between 1715 and 1991, but also the unity of the Croatian east and south. This is a story based in the past but is intended for the future. Running a formal Sinjska Alka in Vukovar is not only a gift of Vukovar but is also a gift to all the patriots who bear 1715 and 1991 in their hearts. The Alka Vukovar will, therefore, be dedicated to all Croatian defenders,” explained Stipe Jukic, President of the Alka Knights Society of Sinj.

“We call on all patriots and lovers of Croatian culture and traditions to join us in this historic moment and celebrate Croatian unity with us once again. We welcome everyone who wants to visit Vukovar to this historic occasion and we believe that everyone will be extremely satisfied with the hospitality of Vukovar,” concluded Penava.

Ticket sales for the event will go through the Tourist Board of Vukovar and the Sinjska Alka Museum in Sinj. Tickets are currently 100 HRK.

All information about the sale of tickets will be available on the official website of the City of Vukovar, and proceeds from the tickets will be donated to the Center for Education of Children with Disabilities “Juraj Bonacci” Split, a subsidiary of Sinj.

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