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Public Bicycles Now Available to Rent in Podstrana!

Public Bicycles Now Available to Rent in Podstrana!

Podstrana is the first municipality financed by the EU project “Choose a Bike!” As a result, the public bicycle system is being introduced in eight cities and municipalities in the Urban Agglomeration of Split, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Two terminals with six electric and six classic bicycles have been set up in Podstrana, one next to the bicycle path by the sea and the parking lot, and the other near the Petrićevo playground, along the edge of Mile Gojsalić Street.

“It is a great advantage that the citizens of Podstrana will be able to use the public bicycles for recreation and, in combination with public transport, get from home to the bus station and back. Furthermore, the City of Split plans to set up a terminal in Žrnovnica, which will significantly improve citizens’ mobility and connect with the first neighboring municipality,” said project manager Toni Jerković from the Split Department for International and EU Projects. 

Ante Gustin, director of Sustav Javnih Bicikala d.o.o. and representative of Nextbike emphasized that Split is a record holder in the number of public bicycle users in Croatia, and it is expected that this trend will continue thanks to new terminals and bikes in the agglomeration. Over half a million rentals on 300 bicycles have been recorded in Split in the last year, while there are 40,000 registered users.

“In cooperation with the partner company Hrvatski Telekom, we have already secured the entire contingent of 242 bicycles financed from this project. We are looking forward to expanding the system to other municipalities and cities because the figures confirm that people look forward to it,” announced Gustin.

The annual subscription is 200 kuna and allows unlimited use of the system throughout the year, with the first half-hour being free for everyone. After 30 minutes, the price is ten kuna for an electric bicycle and five kuna for a classic bike for every half hour of use. In addition to Podstrana and Split, the public bicycle system will be expanded to the area of Trogir, Kaštela, Solin, Klis, Dugopolje, and Dicmo with a total of 41 new terminals and 242 bicycles. The great value of the “Choose a Bike!” project is also a study of the potential for developing bicycle roads as an essential document for developing an integrated system of bicycle roads in the agglomeration.

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