Prolonging the Season on Hvar: the Peskafondo Squid Fishing Championship

Extending the tourist season is the goal of many tourism operators, and some have found innovative ways of doing so – the island of Hvar, for example.

Started back in 2011 by Restaurant Gariful, the annual Peskafondo squid-fishing championship is now a firmly established part of the Hvar calendar, as teams of squid fishermen from all over the region compete for the biggest catch during the two day event.

This year’s event will be the biggest ever, with 42 teams registered so far, with teams from as far away as Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia and Serbia.

It is a time when the town’s residents, fresh from their olive groves after another successful season, gather to celebrate, as the town comes to life once more. This year’s programme is the biggest ever – read it here – and check out the atmosphere from a previous Peskafondo in the video below.

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