Original Zinfandel Comes Home: I am Tribidrag Conference in Split

Did you know that the original Zinfandel grape variety comes from Central Dalmatia?

It is a surprise to many, and just one of the many fascinating aspects of the region’s wine heritage, which boasts a number of indigenous grape varieties, and export markets around the world. Central Dalmatia’s wine heritage will attract global attention later this month with an international conference on its famous grape variety, also known as Tribidrag.

“I Am Tribidrag” Conference is organized by the Tribidrag Association of Zagreb, founded by wine enthusiasts Davorka Krnić-Trick, Fani Prodan,and Iva Drganc, in collaboration with Edi Maletić and Ivan Pejić.

And when we say “world’s leading experts”, we are not kidding: the conference will include lectures by Professor Carole Meredith of the University of California, Davis, the most important person in the quest to find the European origins of Zinfandel, which was eventually resolved in Kaštela over 15 years ago (and that was one of her many successful studies of grape genetics), her colleagues from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Professors Ivan Pejić and Edi Maletić, leading Croatian grapevine researchers and geneticists, Professor José Vouillamoz, Swiss grape geneticist trained with Prof. Meredith at UC Davis, one of the world’s leading authority on the origin and parentage of grape varieties through DNA profiling, Jancis Robinson, wine critic and book author described by Decanter magazine as ‘the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world’, co-author of Wine Grapes, the first book in English to introduce Tribidrag as the prime name for this variety.

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