Opening of New Split Airport Terminal is Imminent

One of the most important infrastructure projects currently in all Croatia is almost complete, and once open, it will improve the passenger experience for our valued tourist visitors considerably.

The new Split airport terminal is approaching completion, with final technical checks ongoing and final permits being issued. It is expected to open in the next two weeks, just in time to meet the demand of the peak season traffic.

The new terminal will spread across 50,000 square meters, which is a significant improvement compared to the current 14,000. The will be 30 check-in counters, 6 exits, 5 luggage carousels, a new sorting facility, parking for 900 cars, a station for 49 buses, and a 120-meter-long air-conditioned pedestrian bridge that connects it all. There will also be a lounge for business class passengers, an observation deck, and more restaurants.

“This additional space will enable us to handle 2,500 passengers per hour instead of the current 2,000. That totals 40,000 travelers per day,” said Luksa Novak, Split Airport’s general manager.

“On an annual basis, the extra capacity will enable us to handle an additional one million passengers. Depending on tourism industry trends, this terminal should cater to our needs over the next fifteen years. We expect new routes to be launched once the new terminal opens. Each year we expand with some five or six new destinations. We are currently linked with around 100 cities or some fifty countries. We expect for this trend to continue in the coming years,” added Novak.

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