One of the Events of the Summer: The Pirate Battle of Omis!

Want to see some real life pirates in action? Then head to Omis this Sunday evening for the seventh annual reenactment of a 13th century battle in the city harbour.
Omis has a rich and proud pirate tradition. Located on the mouth of the might Cetina, with its numerous fortresses, it was the perfect location for pirates in times gone by, as the Cetina provided them with escape routes where they could use their local knowledge. 
The reenactment is very spectacular and will take place at 20:30 on Sunday August 18, with all the participants parading before that. This year’s festivities will also include guest historical societies from Dubrovnik, Klis and Korcula. It is not clear if the most famous pirate of them all, Johnny Depp, will be attending, as he was invited to last year’s event.