New Split Airport Expansion on Schedule: Opening July 2019

We are only halfway through the year, but all the numbers are pointing to a record season in Central Dalmatia. Again!

One of the key entrance points to the region of course is Split Airport, which has already posted record numbers for the first half of the year. With almost 100 destinations now connected to the Dalmatian capital, visiting Central Dalmatia has never been easier, but in order to cope with the surge in demand, it is necessary to plan ahead for the future.

Work is currently ongoing for the major expansion of the terminal area of Split Airport which, once complete, will be able to handle an impressive 3.5 million passengers a year. The new building will by 35,000m2 in size and is due to open in July 2019. Some images of how the future Split Airport will look, courtesy of ExYuAviation.