Mercedes Benz Discovers the Star-Studded Village of Imotski

There are many fun things to be learned on a visit to Central Dalmatia. Did you know, for example, that the oldest public theatre in Europe is on Hvar, or that cricket in Europe outside the UK began on Vis 200 years ago, or that King Arthur was buried in Podstrana?

Or that Imostki was the Mercedes capital of Croatia?

It seems that the legendary Germany carmaker is aware at least of the last fact, as a lovely article of homage to Imoski and its oldtimer Mercedes cars has appeared on the official Mercedes Benz website:

“To explore the magic of the Mercedes-Benz village, it’s best to fly into Split. Upon landing in this Croatian town on the Adriatic, we pick up a rental car. One with a star, of course. That will make things much easier later on. We drive around 80 kilometres through the Dalmatian highlands in a south-easterly direction. Not far from our final destination, we start encountering an unusually high number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. New cars, used cars – and a noteworthy number of classics, young and old. And the closer we get to Imotski, the more stars of bygone eras we see. And not just on the tarmac, either. They’re in the fields, the meadows and even in the vineyards. Did we miss a classic car rally, or is there perhaps a period drama being filmed here? No, this is just a day like any other. A Friday. Everything is just like it always is. And that’s exactly the point: it’s Imotski’s little secret.”

Don’t forget to check out the Red and Blue Lakes when you pass by in your Mercedes. Read the full article here.

To learn more about Imotski, click here.