Joe Basic: Split the World’s Leading Destination for Music Tourism

There is no doubting which is the biggest event on the Split tourism calendar each July these days… Ultra!

The arrival of Ultra Europe, the largest electronic music festival in Europe, to Split in 2013 helped the promotion of the Dalmatian capital reach completely new audiences over the globe. In a very short time, it became established as one of the top music festivals in all Europe, changing the peak season dynamic of the city, and bringing in plenty of welcome revenue.

Organiser Joe Basic recently gave a talk about Ultra at the University of Split, saying that the city had now become the leading destination in the world for music tourism.

“When we surveyed young people in 2013, only 34 percent of them knew how to show Croatia on the world map. Today, thanks to Ultra, 67 percent know where it is,” Basic boasted.

So big had Ultra become that it would have a significant negative impact if Ultra was ever to leave:

“The numbers are large, they would lose two million overnights, one billion euro spent, 150 million euro in the name of taxes, and Split would definitely not be the number one European destination for young people between 18 and 35,” said Basic.

And he was very upbeat about the opportunity for growth:

“I’m sure we’re only halfway there. We have the opportunity to reach half a million overnights. By comparison, in the beginning, the ticket cost 85 euro, today it costs 169 euro, then, seven years ago, Split had only 6,700 beds, today there are 36,000. Overnights in 2013 were 24 euro, and today it is 67 euro, on average,” Basic concluded.

Have you been to Ultra? Check out the 2019 aftermovie below. This year’s event will take place from July 10 – 12.