Imotski Region Presents Its Tourism Strategy

Good things are happening behind the mountain…

While most of the focus of tourism in Central Dalmatia is on the beach and islands, inland Dalmatia has been quietly developing over the years, and it now offers an outstanding combination of nature, heritage, culture, adventure tourism and gastronomy, as well as a marked increase in quality accommodation.

Nowhere is this more true than in Imotski, which has flourished as a destination in recent years. The opening of the tunnel connecting the town to the Makarska has been a big boost, but so too has the forward-thinking approach of the local tourist board, which is leading the way regionally in structural reorganisation.

The Institute for Tourism recently prepared a strategy until 2025 for the Tourist Region of Imota, a presentation which was attended by both Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli and Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristijan Stanicic.

“Over the past years, the Imotski region has made great strides in the development of tourism products and promoting the offer. To fully valorize the whole region, and strengthen the brand and its recognition, the first steps were made through merging all the municipalities and the city of Imotski into the Tourist Board of Imota. This Strategy represents a new chapter for the entire Imotski region and gives clear guidelines to valorize all the richness of natural and cultural heritage fully and, in addition to creating new offers, stimulates not only tourism development but also the overall economic development of this area. Sustainability, responsibility and human capital are crucial for our tourism, as well as systematic long-term management following destination management, which we provide with a new legal framework,” Minister Cappelli pointed out during the presentation.

“I am pleased that today, a year after the establishment of the Imota Tourist Board, we present the Tourism Development Strategy for this area, which created all the preconditions for the complete implementation of marketing and other activities that will aim to have an even stronger market positioning of the Imotski region. Namely, this is a true example of destination management that served as an example and additional confirmation of the importance of the unification and joint actions with other colleagues in the area. Such a model of cooperation provides even better promotional effects, greater visibility and more systematic development of tourist infrastructure, taking into account sustainable development,” said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Stanicic.

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