From Trogir to Podstrana, Public Bike System for Split and Surroundings


(Photo credit Grad Split)

More good news from Central Dalmatia for those interested in a more healthy way of getting around – an integrated system of public bicycles is coming to Split and surrounding area. The City of Split and 7 local partners from the Urban Agglomeration of Split (Solin, Trogir, Kastela, Podstrana, Klis, Dugopolje and Dicmo) will combine to offer a new bike-friendly concept to help tourists and locals navigate the city and surrounding area. 

As part of the project, which is called ‘Choose a Bicycle!’, two bicycle roads will be created, one in Split (in Trstenik Bay) and one in Trogir (Brig-Lokvica), some 41 stations established, which will be home to 242 bicycles, both electric and traditional. These will be located as follows:

City of Split: 16 terminals with 50 electric and 20 classic bicycles;

City of Solin: 6 terminals with 12 electric and 26 classic bicycles;

City of Trogir: 3 terminals with 10 electric and 10 classic bicycles;

City of Kastela: 6 terminals with 30 electric and 30 classic bicycles;

Municipality of Podstrana: 2 terminals with 6 electric and 6 classic bicycles;

Municipality of Klis: 2 terminals with 4 electric and 8 classic bicycles;

Municipality of Dugopolje: 4 terminals with 10 electric and 10 classic bicycles;

Municipality of Dicmo: 2 terminals with 4 electric and 6 classic bicycles.

One more commitment to a greener Central Dalmatia and a new and exciting way to discover the region. The project should be fully implemented by mid-2022. 

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