From Ancient Greece to Stari Grad: Paros to Pharos by Bike After 2400 Years

It is just over 2,400 years since the Ancient Greeks sailed into the deep bay of Stari Grad on Hvar and established a settlement called Pharos. The Greeks had come from the island of Paros, and they brought – among other things – vines and olive trees, which they planted in a fertile field close to their new settlement. Little has changed in that 80 hectare field since then, and it is better known today as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stari Grad Plain, and its modern olives and grapes are the basis for Hvar’s outstanding gourmet offer.

Back in 2002, a journey was made from the original Pharos, modern-day Stari Grad – to the island of Paros, with men from Hvar making the journey in reverse, bringing with them olive trees and vines from Hvar – returning them home to the land of their ancestors. It was quite a journey which you can see in the video below.

A second version connecting Paros and Pharos will take place next week, as a team of Hvar cycling enthusiasts will connect the two islands by bicycle, starting on October 10, with the Paros 2 Pharos race:

Day 1. PAROS – circle ride ( 48 km, +450/-440m)
Day 2. Megara – Aigio ( 138,2 km, +600/-570m)
Day 3. Aigio – Palairos ( 163,7 km, +1410/-1450m)
Day 4. Palairos – Igoumenítsa ( 124,5 km, + 1040/-1050m)
Day 5. Igoumenitsa – Vlora /AL (186,7 km, +2470/-2490m)
Day 6. Vlora – Tirana ( around 136,8 km, +820/-710 m)
Day 7. Tirana – Shkoder ( 109,2 km, +50/-140 m
Day 8. Shkoder – Kotor/ MNE ( 110,4 km, +1520/-1520 m)
Day 9. Kotor – Ston ( 139,2 km, +2040/-2030m)
Day 10. Ston – PHAROS /Stari Grad (144,1 km, +1600/-1610m)

We wish them all the best in recreating history! To learn more about Stari Grad, click here.