Dugopolje Prsut the Champion at International Festival in Drnis

A proud day for the prsut (prosciutto) producers of Dugopolje at the recent 6th International Prsut Festival in Drnis, as Dugopolje’s Smjeli was named this year’s champion producer of this famous Dalmatian delicacy.

Competition for the title of best prsut producer is fierce, and this is a proud moment for Dugopolje, which already enjoys a good reputation of excellent when it comes to prsut production.

The tradition of production of air-dried cured ham is as old as Damatia itself, and inland Dalmatian destinations such as Sinj and Dugopolje are well-known for their consistent quality.

The importance of prsut to the Dalmatian menu cannot be understated. Prust and cheese, together with olives and pickled gherkins, make up the most popular welcome platter in every Dalmatian restaurant – a wonderfully nutritious introduction to the Mediterranean Diet, which became intangible UNESCO heritage back in 2013.

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