Discover the Wines of Dalmatia at Dalmacija Wine Expo in May

Plavac Mali grapes, such as these from the vineyards of  Caric in Svirce, are finding their way into bottles of wine all over the world.

The wines of Dalmatia are becoming increasingly well known on the international stage, and global interest in some of the 130 indigenous grape varieties of Croatia is increasing.

Wines from the region are now being exported to countries as far away as Canada and China, as more wine enthusiasts become interested in the ‘new’ wines from Croatia. There is nothing new about the wines, however, as the wine-making tradition in the region dates back several centuries BC.

Leading the pack in terms of interest is the noble Plavac Mali grape, a relation of the better-known Zinfandel, but other varieties such as Pošip are winning gold medals in international competition.

An increasingly important wine fair for the promotion of the wines of the region is Dalmacija Wine Expo in Makarska, which will this year be held on May 3 and 4, with a party of journalists from the event then heading to Hvar on May 5 to visit the island’s wineries. In the words of the official Dalmacija Wine Expo website:

“Dalmatia Wine Expo will once again provide visitors with the opportunity to try the best wines and gastro specialties Dalmatia has to offer. Apart from the winemakers, exhibitors from other parts of Croatia and abroad will also participate in the Expo. Dalmatia Wine Expo has undoubtedly become a place where real wine and gastronomy lovers gather, offering a true overview of Dalmatian wine and gastro scene. This year’s festival will be the home of over 150 producers of wine, specialties and olive oil, some hundred representatives from top restaurants and hotels, culinary stars and numerous esteemed guests from the business, cultural and political world.”

The Makarska fair has some influential and enthusiastic supporters:

“I salute the efforts of the organizers who, with their dedication and effort, managed to bring to life a significant enogastronomy event. Being acquainted with one of the leading enogastronomy festivals in Dalmatia, I have decided to become the patron of the festival.”
IVO JOSIPOVIĆ, President of the Republic of Croatia

“This festival is very significant to promoting the wine culture of Dalmatia.”
MIKE MILJENKO GRGICH, renown Californian-Croatian wineproducer

For more information, check out the official website (there is a section in English).