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Discover the Source of the Cetina, the Source of Life in Dalmatia

When one things of water and Central Dalmatia, it is perhaps not surprising that the first thing that comes to mind is the pristine Adriatic, a haven for swimmers along the region’s endless mainland beaches and spectacular islands.

But there is another water source, equally important, one which which Lonely Planet included in its list of the top 40 amazing experiences in Europe – the mighty River Cetina. From its source to the Adriatic, the Cetina is the very heart of Central Dalmatia, its rich history evidenced by the numerous fotresses which overlook various vantage points, until it turns majestically into the sea in the pirate town of Omis.

White water rafting, canoeing and ziplining are but some of the activities available on the Cetina, one of the top adventure tourism destinations in Europe, but others head to the source of the Cetina, a truly magical spot near the town of Vrlika. It is a popular cycling route, with the arrival at the source one of the highlights of the ride.

And if you are wondering how clean the water is in Central Dalmatia, check out this fabulous drone video of the source of the Cetina as you have never seen it before.

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