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Croatian Maritime Museum Presents Interactive Kiosk to Explore Split-Dalmatia County Submarine Sites

Croatian Maritime Museum Presents Interactive Kiosk to Explore Split-Dalmatia County Submarine Sites

The Croatian Maritime Museum in Split presented a new interactive kiosk, which was made possible by Split-Dalmatia County funds, reports Dalmacija Danas.

The stand-alone interactive kiosk is 55-inches (approximately 140 centimeters) with a touch screen that gives users an extraordinary experience of encountering selected underwater sites and maritime heritage artifacts such as shipwrecks from antiquity, early modern times, the famous Battle of Vis and both world wars.

This is thanks to the Maritime Property of the Administrative Department for Split-Dalmatia County Tourism and Maritime Affairs, and visitors could already check out the interactive kiosk as part of the Museum Night at the end of January.

“Today in the Croatian Maritime Museum we present an interactive kiosk that contains the presented submarine sites within Split-Dalmatia County.

It is a project fully funded by Split-Dalmatia County. A publication was first published by the county that presented underwater sites, and this kiok is a further step towards new technologies so that all generations, especially the younger ones who like to discover things through modern technologies, can access the undersea at depths up to 120 meters. Shipwrecks are also presented here, i.e., ships that were destroyed at these depths, while you can also find ships in the shallows.

But it’s not all about presenting beautiful photos and attractive video content. The device itself contains many interesting functions, such as games, memories, and puzzles, and you can send a postcard with the underwater footage to anyone you want! You can test your knowledge thanks to quizzes, and there is even one special geolocator test where you have to determine the location of each wreck – for both the ship and the aircraft. The planes that crashed in the Second World War, especially in the Vis submarine, were also presented,” said the director of the Croatian Maritime Museum, Ljubomir Radić.

“The device will be located in the part of the exhibition that follows the history of merchant shipping, from ancient times. There is a showroom this year and VR glasses where you can ‘dive’. This is a project we are implementing with partners from BiH and Montenegro. In addition to the touch screen, you will be able to put on glasses and go to one of the selected locations in our county.

The depths of Montenegro and the Neretva river are also included in the VR experience. They can be enhanced with new quality recordings, so that you feel as if you are a diver going to one of those depths. It encourages you to go to the location through diving centers, dive, and see it all first hand,” the director explained.

“We should praise the directors and all employees of the Maritime Museum who are working on an excellent story, which fits into our project ‘Dalmatia storytelling’, which we want to add value to our wealth and raise the offer to another level. This is part of a project that will continue next year and is related to the promotion of diving and diving sites that are the richest in the Mediterranean,” said Split-Dalmatia County Deputy Prefect Stipe Cogelja.

The presented kiosk has 22 localities, and includes the area of Vis, the Battle of Vis, but also the area around the islands of Šolta, Šćedro and a number of other attractive locations.

“I would like to point out that last year, within the Maritime Goods project, we started a new activity called New Technologies in Tourism. As part of that, we realized this interactive kiosk with the Maritime Museum in Split. We planned the same activity in 2022 and we are planning more interesting things of this type, as a new way of presenting the sea and our coast through new technologies in tourism,” said the head of the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs Matea Dorčić.

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