Central Dalmatia, Where Ferries are Guided by Dolphins

The romance of a ferry ride on the Adriatic is a holiday highlight for many. Perfect sunsets, the wind in your hair, picturesque coastline and islands to admire, sailing boats enjoying a timeless holiday – highlights all.
But for many boat travellers, there is an additional attraction to travelling the pristine waters of the Adriatic – the chance to see dolphins up close and personal. 

Such is the story of six bottlenose dolphins spotted by the Blue World Institute last month. The playful dolphins were seen at the front of Jadrolinija’s ‘Petar Hektorović’ ferry, riding the bow pressure waves of the boat. The ferry was just approaching the Vis bay.

“Our last sighting of a group of six bottlenose dolphins happened yesterday just at the entrance to Vis bay. We finished with photographing, the sun just went down and the “Petar Hektorović“ ferry was running with 12 knots towards Vis. Both us and the dolphins were literally on our way. We decided to move aside. The dolphins obviously had another plan,” wrote the Blue World Institute on their Facebook page.