Central Dalmatia, a Destination of Culture

Did you know that Croatia has no less than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and that half of those are located in Central Dalmatia?

Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the old town of Trogir and the Stari Grad Plain were joined by the stecchi near Imotski this year. But UNESCO World Heritage Sites are only part of the story of the culture and heritage of Central Dalmatia…

Here you, you will find the oldest town in Croatia – some say Stari Grad, some say Vis Town, the oldest public theatre in Europe, Greek, Roman and Venetian influences, as well as many more genres from the thousands of years of fascinating history in the region.

Come for the beach, leave with the culture. Many tourists are amazed at the sheer diversity of what is on offer in Central Dalmatia, away from the beach. Take a little preview in the official video below, and to learn more about the culture of Central Dalmatia, click here.