Beautiful Sea Angels Spotted in the Central Dalmatian Adriatic Sea Near Ciovo

With its pristine water, endless beaches and azure skies, it is little wonder that the Adriatic Sea is the number one attraction for tourists coming to Central Dalmatia. The combination of sun, sea and beach has proved a winner for decades.

But take a closer look and you will find much more to enjoy in this very diverse region, from history and heritage, food and wine, adrenaline sports and museum visits.

And if you do venture into the water, especially around Ciovo, have a look around and see what magic you might find. The latest discovery, as recently as this month, of a species sharing these beautiful waters is one of arguably the most beautiful – stunning sea angels, which have been sighted for the first time in the Croatian Adriatic near Ciovo.

Not much is known about these gorgeous little sea angels (Pneumodermopsis cfr. Paucidens) except that they are a very small swimming snail and they grow to about 5cm in length.

And they are VERY pretty.

Check out the video (not filmed in Croatia) to see a sea angel dancing.

So the next time you are taking a swim, have a closer look to see what might be dancing next to you, and let us know if you find something interesting…