Bahrain McLaren Returns to Hvar for 3rd Year of Winter Training

One area where Central Dalmatia has raised its tourism profile in recent years has been in activity tourism, in particular cycling. More than 4,000 km of bike routes have been added throughout the region, tours developed to enable easier island hopping tours for cyclists, and the concept of bed and bike accommodation is expanding quickly.

But there is nothing quite like the continued arrival of the top names in a sport to give a little credibility and international promotion to cycling tourism.

The islands of Brac and Hvar have both worked hard to develop their cycling routes and tourism offer for their guests, and you can get a flavour of this in our bicycle adventure video on the two islands below.

In addition to this, Hvar has developed a successful relationship with Bahrain McLaren (previously Bahrain Merida), one of the top cycling teams in the world, who first came to Hvar for winter training two years ago, when their entire team of 75 cyclists and support staff took over Hvar’s first cycling hotel, Pharos, bayhill hvar hotel.

The Bahrain team are back on Hvar again for this, their third winter training, which is taking place from December 10 – 20. A great promotion for cycling on Hvar, which the team acknowledges is a perfect training ground with its different and challenging roads and terrains.