And You thought Dalmatia Was Just Sun and Beaches: Meet Dalmatia Ultra Trail 2018

One of the most exciting developments in tourism in Central Dalmatia in recent years has been the explosion of adrenaline sporting opportunities. There have been thousands of kilometres of cycling trails added, for example, and the Tour of Croatia is now a fixture, while on the water sea kayaking has become a must-try activity for many while visiting the region.

And then there are the REALLY challenging activities, where you have the chance to discover not only the beauty of the Central Dalmatia less travelled, but also to test your body to the limits in surely one of the world’s most beautiful races – Dalmatia Ultra Trail.

This year’s race, which will be held from October 19 to 21, has attracted more than 800 participants from some 40 countries, and it will cross five mountains; Biokovo, Mosor, Omiš Dinara, Primorje, Kozjak, three rivers; Cetina, Zrnovnica, Jadro, and famous historical and cultural sites such as the Fortica, Klis Fortress, and ancient Salona.

The Dalmatia Ultra Trail race itself will launch competitors into a time machine. The start will be marked by the shot of a pirate’s pistol as competitors travel through ancient history, battle up to the Fortress, trek through the abandoned villages of Croatian labourers, enjoy the Dalmatian karst, and the breathtaking views of the sea, river and canyons.

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