A Return to Roman Times: Days of Diocletian in Split

While you may have thought that all you need for a holiday in Split is a couple of bikinis and party dresses for evening fun, if you really want to blend in as a local in the next few days, you need to get your hands on a Roman toga.

Days of Diocletian is upon us, an annual event where the rich Roman cultural heritage of the city is celebrated in some theatrical style. From the Split Tourist Board:

Days of Diocletian

This fun musical costumed event (from 16.8. to 19.8) is the historical event that will show a credible way the rule of Emperor Diocletian in Split with all the essential features of this period. The streets and squares will line up of the Roman legions, the Emperor Diocletian, together with the parade of carriages lead the Roman legions from the waterfront to greet the Peristyle where the crowd, will present a co-ruler Diocletian and family and the city will be able to hear the sounds of trumpets, drummers, Roman music …