BBC Filming in Split and Klis for Croatian Tourism Promotion

More great international promotion is on the way!

The Croatian National Tourist Board has joined forces with the BBC to shoot a series of 60-second promotional videos about Croatia, which the BBC will both produce and share via its global network from May to September, reaching a potential audience of more than 450 million viewers.

”Cooperation between the Croatian Tourist Board and the BBC is one of the great examples of cooperation and working together with foreign entities on the promotion of Croatian tourism. We’re exceptionally proud that such a large media group, achieving the reach of 454 million households around the world, has recognised the significance and potential of Croatia as a tourist destination. I’m sure that all the material shot, as well as all of the other activities, will significantly contribute to the visibility of Croatia, and thus to achieve even better tourist results this year,” said the Croatian National Tourist Board director, Kristjan Stanicic.

Filming has already taken place, and it is no surprise that the theme of Game of Thrones featured on the list of topics in the Croatia promotions. The BBC recording crew visited Osijek, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Klis, NP Paklenica and other destinations where they recorded eno-gastronomic themes, cultural and historical heritage, active tourism offers and other interesting tourist attractions.
So stay tuned to the BBC in the coming months, as the Central Dalmatia promotion goes global. 
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Daily Telegraph Names Hvar, Split, Zlatni Rat in Croatia’s Best Towns and Beaches

More international coverage of the beauty of Central Dalmatia this week, as the region featured heavily in The Daily Telegraph’s guide to the best towns and beaches in Croatia.

Split, Hvar Town and Zlatni Rat on Brac all made the list. Here is what the Telegraph had to say;

Fly direct to Central Dalmatia’s largest city, Split, from various UK airports, with British Airways, Croatia Airlines, EasyJet and

Split, Croatia’s second biggest city (after the capital, Zagreb) is backed by rugged mountains, and fronted by a busy little port, with regular ferries and catamarans to the nearby islands of Brač, Hvar, Vis, as well as Korčula and Lastovo (officially in South Dalmatia).

Down the coast from Split, Mt Biokovo rises 1,762m, casting its shadow over the 40-mile Makarska Rivijera, where you’ll find some of Croatia’s best mainland beaches and shimmering turquoise waters. Up the coast, Šibenik is an up-and-coming destination with a Unesco-listed cathedral and two renovated fortresses.

Go visit


Within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, a magnificent Roman monument built by the eponymous emperor in the 3rd-century, Split’s old town is Unesco-listed. A labyrinth of stone alleys, Venetian-era houses and churches, it centres on the Roman peristyle (arcaded square), overlooked by the Cathedral. Immediately outside the walls, the pazar is a colourful open-air fruit-and-vegetable market.

West of town, in a 1930s villa set in gardens by the sea, the Meštrović Gallery displays the works of Croatia’s greatest 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović.

Hvar Town

Croatia’s trendiest island destination, Hvar Town on the island of Hvar is built around a deep sheltered harbour, overlooked by a hilltop castle. Summer 2019 sees the long-awaited reopening of the tiny 17th-century theatre and the Venetian arsenal. Hvar’s pricey seafood restaurants and cocktail bars are much loved by yachters, who moor up along the quayside on summer evenings.

The best beach

An absolute stunner, Zlatni Rat is a 450-metre long fine pebble spit, jutting out from the coast in Bol on the island of Brač. It’s a fantastic spot for water sports – wind surfing, kite surfing and scuba diving, plus pedalos for hire.

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New Split Traffic Regulations for Season 2019: a Video Guide

Split is popular!

There is no denying that the huge rise in tourism in recent years has put a strain on the infrastructure of the Dalmatian capital. Split has responded well and is successfully upgrading to meet the increased demand.

The dual-carriageway access road from the airport was completed last year, and the brand new airport terminal is set to open next month.

There have been several upgrades by the ferry terminal as well, but managing traffic flow is as important as infrastructure. The City of Split, together with the Croatian Roads and the Port Authority, with the support of the Police Administration of Split-Dalmatia, Split-Dalmatia County and the city companies Promet, Cistoca and Split Parking, have come together to work out traffic management plan, which will come into effect from June 1, and if successful, could even become a permanent solution. The city has published this video guide below.

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Split’s Special Day: Programme of Events for Sv Duje 2019

There is only one place to be during the first week of May, and that is the Dalmatian capital of Split, which celebrates its patron saint Saint Domnius (Sv Duje) was year. It is quite a celebration which lasts several days, and it is quite the tourist spectacle.

This year sees a very rich programme of events, which have been provided by the Split Tourist Board below. See you there!

Sv. Duje 2019
15 March – 5 May 2019:  10 am at Lučica Spinut – Boules Tournament ‘In honour of St. Domnius of Split’ 
26 April 2019:  8 pm on the Riva – Majorettes of Split, Elektrodalmacija Mixed Choir, Trio Sol group Concert
27 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Majorettes of Split, Bye, Bye group Concert
28 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Klapa Kontra, Pop Art group concert
28 April – 5 May 2019: 7 pm  to 8 pm at th Cathedral of St. Domnius: Novena in honour of St. Domnius: – holy Mass and Sermon – spiritual music concert
29 April 2019: 5 pm at the Bol-Plokite Library – Opening of the exhibition Diocletian’s Palace and the Historic town Centre
29 April 2019: 8 pm on the Riva: Filip Dević Folklore Society concert 
29 and 30 April 2019: 10 am at the Croatian Maritime Museum Maritime: Split in the Time of Emperor Diocletian – workshop
29 April – 5 May 2019: Poljud bowling club 2nd International bowling tournament St. Domnius
29 April – 10 May 2019: Banovina atrium – Exhibition of Split kindergarten children’s works ‘My Town In My Heart’
30 April – 5 May 2019: All day on the Riva – Domestic Split Festival
30 April 2019: 10 am at the Ravne njive library – Model of the palace ‘The city was born out of the palace’
30 April 2019: 10 am on the Riva – Children’s programme ‘Let the waterfront be decked with flowers’
30 April 2019: 4.30 – 9.30 pm on the Riva – Waste is not garbage!
1 – 7 May 2019: Brda Chess Club – Open Chess Tournament Sudamja 2019
1 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Brodosplit Folklore Association concert 
2 May 2019: 10 am at the Marulić Department for Children and Youth – The story of the Cityeducative presentation
2 May 2019: 12.00 pm at the Ethnographic Museum Split – Opening of the exhibition HUNCHBACKED MOTHER, BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN, FRANTIC GRANDCHILDREN – on VINE, GRAPES AND WINE Authors: Ida Jakšić and Ivana Vuković
2 May 2019: 6 pm at the City Youth Theatre – Promotion of J. Škare’s book Druge beside
2 May 2019: 7 pm in Diocletian’s Palace south-eastern tower (Hrvojeva) – The opening of the photo exhibition New Horizons
2 May 2019: 8 pm at the Art Gallery: Inauguration of the sculptor’s setting in the museum environment: Slavomir Drinković, Knot, 1987, 1999 Gorki Žuvela, On behalf of myself, 2014 Kosta Bogdanovic, Hephaestos pillar, in 1987
2 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split – Evening of Dalmatian Klapa
2 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Providenca group concert 
2 and 3 May 2019: 8.30 pm at Uvodića širina – The Feast of the Holy Cross
3 – 5 May 2019: 9th International Cup of St. Domnius in sport fishing
3 May 2019: 9 am at the Croatian rowing club Gusar – Open Championship of Split-Dalmatia County for Primary and Secondary Schools
3 May 2019: 10 am at the Dioklecijan Gallery – Opening the exhibition Churches in the Historical Core
3 May 2019: 11 am at Matejuška – Inauguration of the sculptor’s setting in the natural environment: Slavomir Drinkovic, Let me pass
3 May 2019: 8 pm in the Diocletian Palace substructures – The opening of the Festival of Flowers
3 May 2019: 8 pm at the Medical School Hall – Concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Students at the University of Utrecht, Kingdom of the Netherlands
3 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Jedinstvo Folklore Society concert
3 May 2019: 9 pm at the Meštrović Gallery – Opening ceremony of the 18th International Rowing Regatta of St. Domnius
3 and 4 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre – Operetta Spli’ski akvarel

4 May 2019: St. Domnius Regatta 
4 May 2019: 10 am on the Riva – The Srce Association Programme on the National Day of Cerebral Paralysis “Heart on the Waterfront”
4 May 2019: 11 am at the Old City Hall – Opening of the exhibition Behind the Closed Doors Motives of Split from the holdings of the Art Gallery
4 May 2019: 12 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split – Celebration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association of Craftsmen Split
4 May 2019: 3-7 pm at Matejuška – Gastro offer of Croatian craftsmen
4 May 2019: 8 pm at the Medical School Hall – Concert of Brodosplit and Gladsaxe Folkekor choirs
4 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Disco Inferno Magic group concert
4 and 5 May 2019: Poljud Swimming Pool – Swim Contest ‘Grdelini sv. Duje’
4 and 5 May 2019: Regatta Split 1700- class optimist
4 May 2019: 8.30 pm Peristil – Sudamja Fest – concert of spiritual music in honour of St. Domnius
4 May 2019: 9 pm at Gat sv. Nikole – Announcement of the winner of the university rowing racing in Spinut and Lighthouse disco
5 May 2019: 12.30 pm at the City Port -18th St. Domnius International Boat Race of the Legends: OxfordCambridge-Split
5 May 2019: 1.30 pm at Peristil – Announcing the winner of a rowing legends race
5 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Flores Aquestic group concert
6 May 2019: 10 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split – The City Council’s solemn session and the city awards ceremony
6 May 2019: 12 pm at Banovina – Anniversary celebration 
6 May 2019: 6 pm at the Cathedral of St. Domnius – Opening of the reliquary of St. Domnius and the festive Evening Mass
6 May 2019: 7 pm at thee Marko Marulić City Library – Opening of watercolor exhibition St. Duje, the star over Split
6 May 2019: 7.30 pm at Peristil – Festival of historical forces and organizations of intangible cultural heritage
6 May 2019: 8 pm on the Riva – Classical Evening: Music Forever and Spalato Quartets
6 May 2019: 9 pm at Peristil-HrvojevaMarmontova-Trg Gaje Bulata – Parade of brass bands, historical forces, and organizations of intangible cultural heritage
6 and 7 May 2019: All day on the Riva – Sudamja (St. Domnius Day) Fair
7 May 2019: 10 am at Peristil – Riva – The ceremonial procession and the holy mass at Riva
7 May 2019: 12.15 pm at Matejuška – Dubrovnik thrombus salvo
7 May 2019: 12.30 pm at the Fish Market – Food and Drink Feast
7 May 2019: 5.30 pm on the Riva – Humanitarian Swimming Marathon from Island Šolta to Split ‘Dina for Basketball Players’
7 May 2019: 5.30 pm on the Riva – Concert of Filip Dević Mixed Klapa
7 May 2019: 6.30 pm on the Riva – Traditional Split Tombola
7 May 2019: 8.05 pm on the Riva – Humanitarian Concert for the City Day The Key to Life Fireworks
8 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split – Ivo Tijardović Mala Floramye, operetta
9 May 2019: 9 am at Marjan – Raising the European Flag on the Day of Europe
9 – 13 May 2019: All day on the Riva – Spalatum Expo-Festival Destinations
9 May 2019: 7 pm at the ‘General-Major Ivo Jelić’ House of Croatian Army – The program of the Split’s National Minority Folklore: “The home is where the song is”
9 May 2019: 8 pm at the Croatian National Theatre Split – Leo Delibes Coppelia, ballet
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Oldest Public Theatre in Europe Reopens on Hvar

Of all the things one might expect not to find on a Central Dalmatian island, perhaps the oldest public theatre in Europe would make the list. And yet that is exactly what you can find in Hvar Town on its famous main square.

The Hvar Public Theatre was opened in 1612 during Venetian rule, long before Paris, Vienna or even Venice itself has a public theatre. The Hvar theatre has had a rich history, but for the last 20 years it has been closed for restoration.

That restoration has finally been completed, and the theatre opened for its first performance this century on May 1, and quite magnificent she looked as well.

There will be ongoing performances throughout the year, and tourists will also have the opportunity to visit both the theatre and the Arsenal building on the floor below, which has also just reopened after its own renovation. Tickets can be arranged by the Hvar Tourist Board, which is conveniently located under the theatre on the main square.

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