Excellent Promotion of Central Dalmatia on Vatican TV

The international promotion of Central Dalmatia continues.

As part of the Easter festivities last year, Central Dalmatia hosted a film crew from Vatican TV, who spent most of their trip in Split and on Hvar.

The result? A lovely promotion of both destinations to the Italian market. Even if you do not understand Italian, the video is well worth watching – some really nice shots of both places.

Aventure Dalmatia: ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar – What a Promotion!

(Photo credit Jakob Edholm)

What a fantastic promotion of Central Dalmatia as an Adventure Tourism destination!

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar was held on the island of Hvar last week, a gruelling race combining running and swimming, and attracting top athletes from all across the world.

The sun shone, as it always does on Hvar, and rather than us writing about it, check out this dazzling official video on the race, with some seriously gorgeous shots of this beautiful region.

Central Dalmatia – why would you do your adventure tourism anywhere else?

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Holy Week on Hvar and the UNESCO Easter Procession

Easter is almost upon us, a traditional time of joy and family gathering at the important religious celebration in the Catholic calendar.

While families get together, there is a heavy focus on religious tradition, no more so than on the island of Hvar, where – like the rest of Dalmatia – there will be various processions taking place.

The most famous of these is the so-called ‘Za Krizen’ (Behind the Cross) procession, which has taken place on Maundy Thursday every year for over 500 years. Six processions leave simulaneously from Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska, with a barefoot crossbearer leading his acolytes and pilgrims along the 22km route through the other five settlements, before return to the place of origin at 7am on Good Friday and running the final steps, before kneeling in front of the awaiting priest. You can learn more about the tradition in the official UNESCO video below, and there are also lots of other processions, unique in their own way, to explore during Holy Week – a summary from the Jelsa Tourist Board above.

Central Dalmatian Traditions in History: Sinj Alka (VIDEO)

Central Dalmatia may be famous for its beaches, but it is also a region of enormous tradition. Perhaps there is no better symbol of that tradition that the Sinj Alka every year, the last remaining knights tournament in Europe, which has taken place every year in the inland Dalmatian town of Sinj since 1715, as a way of commemorating the replusion of the Siege of Sinj in that year by the Ottomans. 
It is a wonderful occasion when the proud men of Sinj attraction national (and increasingly) international attention, and the Croatian President attends every year. 
And no so much has changed over the years, as this wonderful video of the 1969 Alka tournament shows. 
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Split as It Once Was:Daily: Life in 1937 (VIDEO)

So how was life in Split before it became a major European tourist destination?

This wonderful video of daily life in Split gives us some rather nice insights, especially of how some things have changed, and some have changed very much the same. 
Life was much tougher back then, of course, and while this pose resembles the modern backpacker quite closely, the backbreaking carrying of fuel was a lot less fun. 
Enjoy the video and notice how some things have not changed – the lively Riva, the freshest fish and the wonderful home-grown offerings of the Green Market. 
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