Unique Food Festivals: Fava Beans (including Ice Cream) in Kastela

Central Dalamtia has some rich culinary traditions, many of which are extremely localised and exist only in the particular village where you find yourself. And one thing is certain – if there is a culinary tradition here, there will also be an associated food festival. The region is full of weird and wonderful food festivals throughout the year from lavender to the edible dormouse on Hvar, for example. And then there is Kastela in May… 

Bob, fava beans or broad beans have almost a cult following in Kastela. So much so that they have their own festival, Festa o’ boba, every year in May in Kastel Kambelovac. No matter how much you think you know about vegetables and how many recipes you can name, this event will definitely surprise you with some out of the box culinary combinations. Various associations from Kastela and their guests from Poland prepare fava beans in savoury and sweet dishes so you can try fava bean pies, goulash, fava beans with seafood and even fava bean ice cream. One of Kastela’s signature dishes is cuttle fish with fava beans and don’t let the colour or even the sound of this combination fool you, it’s actually delicious!

To learn more about Kastel Kambelovac beyond the fava bean ice cream, click here, and check out the atmosphere of a previous bean festival in the video below.