Perfect May Weekend Fun: Croatian Small Boat Builders and Tourism Attractions Fair

Looking for some great family fun this May Day weekend?

In you are in Dalmatia, head to the Meridien Lav in Podstrana, where the 7th Days of Croatian Small Boatbuilders will take place from April 30 to May 3.

In addition to the usual premieres and fun kids activities such as semi-submarine rides, this year’s event will also be visited by the European Coastal Airlines seaplane, as well as hosting a new event, the first Tourism Attractions Fair. Check out the video for more, but there is plenty to keep the little ones amused in this great location in Podstana. Entrance is free.

To learn more about Podstrana, click here.

130 Million People Tune in to Watch Central Dalmatia: Find Out Why

Images of Central Dalmatia went global yesterday, as an estimated 130 million people tuned in to watch the first stage of the inaugural Tour of Croatia cycle race, with Day 1 held exclusively in Central Dalmatia, a challenging 160 kilometre race from Makarska to Split via inland Dalmatia.

There were plenty of gorgeous aerial shots of this stunning region, and it was a great promotion both of the destination, as well as the potential of Central Dalmatia’s cycling tourism potential, an activity which is part of the Croatia 365 initiative, and which more people are coming to discover. Watch the spectacular conclusion to the race below, and to learn more about cycling in Central Dalmatia, click here.

John Malkovich: My Favourite Places – Vis, Palmizana, Hvar

Central Dalmatia is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities, as they love to sail through the idyllic islands on their yachts, mooring up in remote bays away from the paparazzi. Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Ellen de Generes, Prince Harry, Beyonce – all have been visitors in recent years.

One man who has been here several times is famous Hollywood star John Malkovich. And not only does John love Central Dalmatia, but he loves it more than anywhere else! In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he was asked his most relaxing destination, and John gave a rather nice reply:

“The Croatian coast. My family and I have been there a few times for holidays, sailing along the coast and there are some lovely places to visit – Vis, which has great fish restaurants, and Palmizana, which is close to Hvar (which is also really nice).”

Great choices, and who are we to disagree? To learn more about Vis, Hvar, Palmizana and other Central Dalmatia island destinations, click here.


Calling All Cycling Fans: Tour of Croatia Stage 1 from Makarska to Split

Central Dalmatia is increasingly becoming known as a cycling destination, and its stunning beauty and challenging terrain make it ideal for cyclists to combine their passion with an unforgettable holiday.

The image of Central Dalmatia is about to be boosted, as the region will be hosting the first leg – 160km from Makarska to Split – of the first Tour of Croatia race, starting on April 22. More details about the race:

“In late April, the inaugural Tour of Croatia will take place. The organizers hope to turn the event into an important preparation for the Giro d’Italia.

“A new UCI race that will take place in Croatia in the end of April, 2015, has been announced. The organizer is former Alessio, Liquigas and Acqua & Sapone rider, Vladimir Miholjevic who found the necessary support to hold a six-day race at the 2.1 level. The main sponsor of the event will be the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia while Eurosport will be showing highlights from the race, allowing the country to promote its landscapes and beautiful cycling terrain.” (more info here).

And if you are missing Central Dalmatia’s spectacular scenery, or are curious about how it looks, the good news is that the event will be broadcast live on Eurosport – more details here. A wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of Central Dalmatia in preparation for your holiday.

To learn more about cycling in Central Dalmatia, click here.


Hvar Wine and Culture Tour of Italy: A Video Report

The wines of Central Dalmatia are attracting increasing internationl attention, as wine experts are discovering the delights of the many indigenous grape varieties that the region possesses. The discovery in 2001 that the almost exstinct Crljenak Kastelanski is actually the 100% DNA of Zinfandel was a significant boost to the region’s wine industry, as it can now call itself the home of the original Zinfandel.

Central Dalmatia Tourist Board Director Josko Stella accompnied the energetic Hvar Wine Assocation to Rome last month, as part of a week-long tour of Italy. Hvar’s winemakers are now exporting as far away as China, Singapore, Russia and California. Hvar TV has compiled this report below, including an interview with Director Stella. To learn more about the island of Hvar, click here.