Advent in Split:Turning Dalmatia Into a 12-Month Destination

While there has never been any problem filling the beaches and towns of the Central Dalmatia in the summer months, tourism in the region during winter has been more of a challenge, and the potential of tourism out of the peak season has yet to be fully explored.

Things are changing, however, and the recent national Croatia 365 campaign has highlighted the rich diversity of Croatia as a 12-month destination. Leading the way is Split, which posted an impressive 49% increase in foreign tourists last month, and many of them came to experience the wonderful Advent in Split fair, which ran from early December until January 10.

A recent addition to Split life, the fair brings the riva to life every winter, with a variety of stalls, concerts and events, allowing people to simple traditional Dalmatian fare and catch up with new friends and old.

Missed this year’s event? This excellent video from the Split Tourist Board gives a great flavour of the atmosphere. What more do you need to plan your visit to Split for winter 2015?

For more information about Split as a destination, click here.

Flying to Split This Summer? The Complete Split Airport Flight Guide

Central Dalmatia has never been more accessible by air, and there is a remarkable amount of choice flying into Split this summer, as airlines are not only adding routes, but also prolonging their 2014 schedules.
There is also some significant  news regarding international connections not directly to Split, but very useful to know:
1. SkyGreece Airlines will connect Toronoto to Zagreb from June 22
2. Qatar Airways now flies direct to Zagreb from Doha, and FlyDubai from Dubai
3. Air Serbia is the quickest connection from Australia, with just one change in Belgrade.
4. Charter flights from China to Zadar start in March.
And let’s not forget European Coastal Airlines, the first scheduled seaplane service in modern European aviation history. Current routes to Jelsa, Rab, Pula, Zagreb and Rijeka will be added to throughout the year, including a direct international connection to Ancona. Check there latest
In order to get the very latest info, we checked the list of airlines listed as flying into Split Airport, which you can find below, and we added the destinations confirmed so far. 
And there are some additions at the bottom – flights announcements announced by Total Split – British Airways from Heathrow for example… – not yet listed on the Split Airport site.
Information changes, so let us know inaccuracies and updates via email – [email protected]  – and we will update. 
See you in Split! 
Adria Airways ADR JP Ljubljana
Aeroflot AFL SU Moscow
Air Berlin BER AB Friedrichshafen, Nuremburg
Air Mediterranee BIE BI Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Nante, Mulhouse
Air Nostrum
ANE YW Madrid (TBC)
Air Serbia
Austrian Airlines AUA OS Vienna
Condor CFG DE Brussels
Croatia Airlines CTN OU Zagreb, Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Skopje
Czech Airlines
CSA OK Prague
Easyjet EZY U2 Amsterdam, Basel, Belfast, Berlin, Bristol, Glasgow, Hamburg, London, Lyon, Manchester, Milan, Newcastle, Paris, Rome, Geneva
Edelweiss EDW WK Zurich
Enter Air
Estonian Air
K2 Warsaw, Gdansk
Europe Airpost FPO 5O TBC
Finnair FIN AY Helsinki
Germanwings GWI 4U Cologne, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hanover
Jet2com EXS LS Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester
Lufthansa DLH LH Munich, Frankfurt
Malmo Aviation SCW TF TBC
Mistral Air MSA 7M TBC
Monarch Airlines  
ZB Birmingham (TBC)
Norwegian NAX DY Helsinki, Stockholm, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, London Gatwick 
Nova Airlines NVR N9 TBC
Scandinavian Airlines SAS SK Helinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stavenger, Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Billund
SkyWork Airlines
Small Planet Airways
Thomas Cook
 Trade Air
TDR C3 Rijeka, Dubrovnik
Transaero Airlines
TSO UN Moscow
TRA HV Paris, Rotterdam
Transavia France TVF TO Paris
Travel Service TVS QS Prague, Ostrava
Ukraine Intern.Airlines AUI PS TBC
UTair – Ukraine Airlines UTN QU www.utair.uaTBC
V7 Venice, Nantes
Vueling Airlines
VLG VY Rome, Catania, Palermo
Windrose WRC 7W Kiev
Wizz Air WZZ W6 London Luton
XL Airways France XLF SE Lille
Alitalia – Milan
Express Airways – Bremen, Dortmund, Karlsruhe
British Airways – London Heathrow
For more information on how to reach Central Dalmatia by road, sea, air and rail, visit 

Carnival Traditions of Dalmatia: First Carnival Parade of the Cetina Region

Carnival season is almost upon us, a time of joy, celebration and plenty of colour in Central Dalmatia as local residents emerge from winter to celebrate ahead of Lent.

One of the most interesting and unique festivals will be taking place near Sinj at 14:00 on February 14, and the Sinj Tourist Board has provided an explanation of ‘Didi s Kamesnice’ – don’t forget to check out the unusual video below:

On Saturday, 14 February 2015, the town of Sinj will become for the first time the central place of holding the Annual Carnival Pageant from the Villages at the Foot of the Kamešnica Mountain that has long been a local tradition, handing down and preserving carnival customs of the Cetina region.

The phenomenon of the annual carnival pageant from the villages at the foot of the Kamešnica mountain has been included on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

The carnival pageant is arranged following strict tradition-based rules. The most entertaining participants of the pageant include the didi (old men). Up on their head they wear sheep fleeces, up to 1.5 metres in height, and bells around their waist. The didi are dressed in old shabby clothes with colourful fringes sewn on. They symbolise the ritual battle of good spirits with winter, chasing it away by making noise and jumping up and down.

Through the invasion of riotous, colourful, unruly rams, known as the didi, carnival pageant groups from 17 Cetina villages will set off at 02.00pm taking the following route: Junak FC stadium – Put Šumarije – Put Piketa – Miljenka Buljana – Put Ferate (bus station) – Kneza Branimira – Brnaška – Trg kralja Tomislava. The event will culminate in presenting the groups at Pijaca, where the programme will be held from 02.30pm to 05.00pm. The entertainment programme is planned from 06.00pm to 01.00am at the former Ivaniš Nelipić barracks.

The event is organised by the Town of Sinj and the Sinj Tourist Board and sponsored by the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Split-Dalmatia County and the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board. The main sponsor of the event is Ožujsko Pivo.

Jelena Bilić

Director of the Tourist Office

Town of Sinj Tourist Board

Inspired by Stone: A Stunning Promo Video of the UNESCO Town of Trogir

You don’t have to be in Central Dalmatia very long to realise the importance of stone to the culture, traditoin and heritage of the region. This, of course, is where the famous Brac white stone hails from, which adorns famous buildings around the world, including The White House in Washington, and the stonemakers of Dalmatia have constructed spectacular buildings and towns over the centuries.

Among the prettiest must be the old town of Trogir, which is actually an island, and also one of the region’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Inspired by stone. The Trogir Tourist Board released this lovely promotional video of the town, paying homage to its stone tradition. The video is accompanied by the following description:

In Greek mythology, Kairos (Καιρός) was the god of opportunity, luck and favorable moment.
According to legend, He must be grasped by his tuft of hair, otherwise moment flies away and cannot be caught any more…

To learn more about Trogir, click here.

Central Dalmatia Destinations in Focus: Jelsa on Hvar

Located in a picturesque bay on the northern coast of the island of Hvar, Jelsa is one of Central Dalmatia’s prettiest destinations, and one which is very popular for families.

Life centres around its pretty and compact square, whose seven cafes offer a relaxing introduction to the ‘laganini’ relaxed lifestyle in which the region excels. Many tourists pop in for a morning coffee and strudel, only to linger for an hour, and then another… It is a haven of safety for families, as young children from different countries and languages play innocently on the square with their parents relax in the welcoming cafes.

There are beaches aplenty on either side of the harbour, including a couple of excellent and rare sandy ones called Mina and Grebisce, which makes it additionally appealing for parents with small children.

With a rich history, Jelsa is also one of the most important wine towns in the region, and it is home to two of Croatia’s most celebrated wine producers, Andro Tomic and Ivo Dubokovic, whose very individual wine tasting experiences are not to be missed.

As a place to explore the island of Hvar, Jelsa is ideal, given its central location, and the daily catamaran directly into the harbour from Split via Bol is the best direct boat option, but the launch of the first scheduled seaplane service from Split Airport to Jelsa in August 2014 means that the mainland is now just 13 minutes away. With the seaplane network planning to extend as far as Italy, Jelsa has never been more accessible.

There has been a lot of infratructure improvements in the town over the last year, including the widening of a new palm-tree lined waterfront in front of the old town, as well as an upgrade of the main road to the eastern port town of Sucuraj, and the future of Jelsa tourism is looking very bright indeed.

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