Promoting Central Dalmatia in America: Live Like a Local

There has been a steady in increase in tourists from North America to Central Dalmatia, a trend which is very welcome, and with the inauguration of direct flights from Toronto in June, perhaps this is part of a siginificant increase in American and Canadian tourists.

All promotion is welcome, and the United States Tour Operators Association has recently begun a marketing campaign to promote some regions in Croatia, including Central Dalmatia. Under the slogan ‘Living Local, Traveling Global’, check out some excellent familiar places in Split, Hvar and beyond in this great promotional video below.

Central Dalmatia, an Adventure Tourism Paradise

Sea, mountains, rivers, plains – is there a region in the world with better adenture tourism possibilities than Central Dalmatia? From white-water rafting along the Cetina and kayaking on the Adriatic, to rock climbing in downtown Split and cycling and hiking through inland Dalmatia, there is an adrenaline challenge for everyone in this beautiful region.

Not convinced? Take a look at this recently released video on the wonders of adventure tourism in Central Dalmatia. Stunning!

It is Official! Another Great Year for Tourism in Central Dalmatia

The official numbers for 2014 are finally in, and they tell once again that tourism in Central Dalmatia is booming.

After the excellent 2013 season, 2014 was even better, with more than 500,000 additional overnight stays and more than 180,000 more tourists.

In 2014, there were 12,597,361, up 5% on the previous year’s 12,042,326, while actual tourist arrivals were up 8% to 2,246,096 from 2,064,970.

While the whole region did well, it was encouraging to see that inland Dalamtia was up 39% and the city of Split continued its impressive rise with a 22% rise.

And with a significant rise in the number of airline announcements for 2015, the coming season could be even better still. 

Are You Ready for the Ultimate in Central Dalmatia Travel in 2015?

Central Dalmatia made modern European aviation history this summer with the launch of the first scheduled seaplane operation in Europe. The initial route of a sea port near Split Airport to Jelsa on Hvar has been very successful, and there will be more routes added for the 2015 season, including direct flights into Central Dalmatia from the Italy coastal city of Ancona, and perhaps other Italian destinations. 
Apart from being a quick and convenient means of visiting the islands, many tourists are also taking to the skies for a panoramic tour of the beauty of Central Dalmatia from above. European Coastal Airlines have just released a promotional video of the seaplane service, giving you a glimpse of what you can expect for your transfers next summer. Check it out below. 

Inland Dalmatia Connects to the Coast: Imotski, a Success Story

The nature of tourism in Central Dalmatia is changing, aided in part by improvements in infrastructure.

The opening of the stretch of motorway from Dugopolje near Split to the coast at Ploce has made the Dalmatian hinterland a lot more accessible, but it is the opening of a tunnel which is helping to really improve the fortunes of the town of Imotski.

Home to the famous Red and Blue Lakes, Imotski has always had plenty to offer tourists, but there was never a convenient connection to the town from the coast until the opening of the tunnel in June last year.

Suddenly, travel times were slashed, and the prospect of a 30-minute drive for coffee in Makarska became a reality, with the nearest beach from the town just 26 km away.

Tourists on the coast have also benefitted from the improvement, and some 1 million cars have passed through the tunnel since it opened. Tourists can now experience the magic of the interior on special organised tours from Makarska. In addition to the lakes, Imotski is an emerging wine region, and wine tourism figures for 2014 have shown a marked increase.

The tunnel apart, Imotski is shown a steady growth in its tourism numbers. Since opening the tourism office in 2007 when there were just two registered private accommodations and 2,000 overnight stays, now there are 35 places licenced to offer accommodation, with more than 10,000 overnight stays so far this year.

Learn more about the magic of Imotski from the local tourist board.