Brac and Hvar in Daily Telegraph’s Top 5 Beach Holidays for 2015

It is no secret that Central Dalmatia boasts some of the best beaches in the world, but great beaches do not always make a great beach holiday on their own.

With hundreds of kilometres of beach to choose from, where are the best places for a beach holiday this summer? According to Croatian travel expert Jane Foster, writing in The Daily Telegraph, two of the top five are in Central Dalamtia: idyllic Palmizana on Hvar (see photo above) and Bol on the island of Brac.

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Sample Central Dalmatia Culture for Free at Night of Museums 2015

January is not the busiest month in Central Dalmatia, and it is an opportunity perhaps to explore a little more of the region’s culture. One great event which takes place each year is the Night of Museums, a national event where the museums of the country open for free with various special events.

It is an event which has proved popular and is growing quickly, and this year’s event will have more than 200 museums in Croatia taking part, including a good number from Central Dalmatia. Musuem participants confirmed so far from the region include the islands of Brac and Hvar, Trogir, Makarska, Sinj, Kastela and a number of cultural centres in Split. To find out more of what is happening, visit the official website (sadly only in Croatian). More events about the museums in Split can be found below in English. Museum Night 2015 will take place from 18:00 on January 30.

6 pm – 1 am Permanent collection exhibit, with guidance till Midnight. Also, hot beverages available in the garden
7 pm – 12 am Exhibition Medieval Gold and Silver
7 pm – 11 pm Music program
6 pm – 1 am Museum’s publications sale
6 pm – 11.30 pm Lectures, concerts, exhibitions, etc.
11.30 pm – 1 am Sky viewing
6 pm – 1 am Permanent Collection Exhibit, with discounted sale of museum’s publications
6 pm – 1 am The Convoy of Grief, exhition of photographies depicting a convoy which transported bodies of Austrian-Hungarian prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia after assasination in Sarajevo, which travelled from Metkovic to Trieste
6 pm – 1 am Courageous fellows – hoping the gun powder will remain dry, exhibition of photographies about World War One in the Adriatic Sea
7 pm – 11 pm Lectures about Croatian maritime history
7 pm – 10 pm Bean, seamen’s way – a ship cook will prepare bean aboard steam ship Bakar, exhibited in the Museum’s yard, with mulled wine
6 pm – 1 am Free visit to Diocletian’s Palace substructures, with hour-long guidance at 6 pm and 7 pm
6 pm – 1 am Presentation of the latest excavations’ results in Hall 8
6 pm – 1 am Exhibiting of Diocletian’s Palace scaled model
9 pm – 11 pm Music program by Damira Basic (viola) and Lovorka Begovic (harp)
6 pm – 1 am Discounted sale of souvenirs and publications
6 pm – 1 am Permanent collection exhibit, with hour long guidance at 6 pm and 7 pm
6 pm – 1 am Photography exhibition A Propos Split, by Ante Verzotti
6 pm – 1 am Promotional sale of souvenirs and publications
Permanent collection exhibit
6 pm promotion of educational publication Fishing Adventure
6 pm promotion of project Fish market, in cooperation of Museum and elementary school children
6 pm promotion of project Little Philosophy: Stone Has Soul in cooperation with elementary school children
8 pm promotion of the book Story About Konoba (traditional Dalmatian storage room)
6 pm – 1 am exhibits of Permanent Collection and Ivo Tartaglia Collection
7 pm opening of instalation by Jiři Valocha (Brno, 1946) , Czech artist, writer and poet, in cooperation with Marinko Sudac Collection
6 pm – 1 am Exhibition Bucan Art, by Croatian artist Boris Bucan, with works created in 1973 which will be exhibited at Tate Modern Museum in London later this year, in cooperation with Marinko Sudac Collection
6 pm – 1 am International exhibition of video art Beyond Time and Space by 10 Croatian and international artists
6 pm – 1 am From Robert Adam to Masahiro Fukuda, exhibition of graphic map Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia (London, 1764) by Robert Adam, and works of Japanese artist Masahiro Fukuda inspired with Diocletian’s Palace
6 pm – 1 am Exhibition of final works by students of Split Art Academy
6 pm – 1 am Permanent collection exhibit
9 pm – 10 pm Decoding Ivan Mestrovic: Exhibition of sketches for decorating a dome in Mestrovic family Mausoleum
6 pm – 1 am Exhibition Prince Branimir sarcophagus
6 pm – 7.30 pm Painted Bookmark, children workshop
8 pm – 9 pm 3D printing in museums’ work
9 pm – 10 pm Selection of films showed on 3rd International Festival of Archeology Films
6 pm – 1 am Permanent collection exhibit, including collection of shells, fishermen’s tools and documentary films
6 pm – 1 am Permanent collection exhibition, with one hour guidance at 6 pm and 7 pm
6 pm – 8 pm Educational program for children about important personalities in Split history
8 pm – 10 pm Storytelling about Diocletian, Marko Marulic, and other city history characters, by Vedran Matosic
6 pm – 1 am Art Password exhibition at Museum’s Gallery in Dioclecijanova street
6 pm – 1 am free Smart Guide tour of the Museum
8 pm – 12 am Music program, contemporary/etno/jazz – Nilla Axelsson Siriščević (violin), Darko Aljinović File (piano) i Nenad Bego (bass)
6 pm – 1 am Project Split City Museum Friends Club, with free membership in 2015
6 pm – 1 am Discounted sale of souvenirs and publications

Where is the Most Important Croatian Cultural Event in 2015? That Would Be Sinj

Named the best cultural event in Croatia in 2012, the importance of the annual Sinj Alka tournament to the history and tradition of Croatia cannot be overestimated. It is an event which is screened live each year on national television and is attended by various dignitaries, including the Croatian President.

And this year will be even more special for two reasons.

The knights’ tournament takes place each year in early August, a tradition which has been in place since 1715, after the famous Siege of Sinj where the Ottomans were repulsed. The Alka tournament commemorates that even each year, and this year is a very special anniversary – 300 years!

In preparation, the knights of Sinj have already paraded through the streets of Zagreb see above, and this year also marks a significant addition to the rich Alka story, with the opening of the Alka museum in Sinj, scheduled for August.

The Alka museum will be a year-round attraction for Sinj, one more reason to visit this fascinating town in inland Dalmatia, just half an hour from Split. Want to learn more about the Sinj Alka? Check out the official UNESCO video below.

Stepping Back in Time on Vis with the Islington Gazette

The British love affair with the island of Vis shows no sign of abating…

This of course is the island which brought cricket to Europe more than 200 years ago, and which was used by the Allies as a major strategic base during World War Two. British interest these days is confined to real estate and tourism, and there is a sizable British holiday home community, including several permanent residents.

And when looking for an idyllic place to relax on holiday from a drab office in London, where else than Vis as the Islington Gazette explains:

“Hvar, at least, seems to be where everyone from my office is going on holiday (obviously I’m at pains to tell them I first went years ago).

But in neighbouring Vis you have a beautiful island which, due to a well-documented accident of history, really is like stepping back in time.

The reason? Well, during the turbulent recent history of Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia) Tito, the people’s dictator, used Vis as a military base.

As a result, the place was closed off from foreigners, and even domestic visitors, from the end of World War II until the early ‘90s.” Read more…

Daily Telegraph Recommends Central Dalmatia for Activity Holidays in 2015

So here do people go in Croatia for the very best activity holidays? Croatia travel expert Jane Foster recently gave her top five tips for 2015, with Split once again appearing in this list. Here is what Jane said is on offer:

Split is said to have more international-level sports people per capita than any other city in the world. Besides football, basketball, water polo, athletics and tennis, locals excel in extreme sports. Croactive Holidays arranges three- and seven-day multi-activity packages, covering a range of sports including sea-kayaking, hiking and rock climbing on and around Marjan peninsular in Split, on the nearby island of Ciovo, around the tiny Pakleni islets opposite Hvar, and in Paklenica National Park. The tours provide professional guides and tuition, transport, and all the necessary equipment.

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