Start 2014 on a High: Parachuting School in Sinj

Why not start 2014 in style, high about the skies of Central Dalmatia, surely one of the most beautiful views on Earth. 
Central Dalmatia has beaches and islands galore, but the wealth of adventure tourism opportunities in the Dalmatian hinterland are often overlooked by visiting tourists. 
How about a learning to parachute for example? The town of Sinj, just half an hour north of Split, has an excellent sports’ airfield, and the local aeroclub is organising a parachuting school next month.
The application deadline is January 11, 2014, and on the same day the presentation of the course will take place. Classes will be organised over weekends, with three-hour lectures. After that all students will take a test, and then will have to pass a medical exam. The first dives for those who qualify will happen in April 2014.
Eligible candidates are those who are older than 18, able to attend the classes, pay for the medical exam and participate in practical training costs. All additional information are available on mobile phone number 095 907 8507 or via their website

New Section of Motorway To the Coast at Ploce Opens

Great news for tourists coming to Central Dalmatia from the south for the 2014 season – the latest stretch of the Zagreb – Dubrovnik motorway is now open. 
The coastal port of Ploce and border town of Metkovic are now connected to the network after the mountainous and complicated section near Vrgorac was finally completed. This will now relieve peak season traffic congestion along the coastal road, and considerably speed up transit times between Dubrovnik and Split.
Further construction of the motorway to Dubrovnik is on hold, however, until a solution for the Neum Corridor (the 23km stretch of Bosnian territory which intersects Croatia) is found. 

Adrenaline Inland Dalmatia, Ideal for Volvo Stunt Advertising

As the new Volvo truck commercial featuring Jean Claude Van Damme goes viral (more than 60 million views already – probably more than this article will get…), it is a reminder of Volvo truck commercials of the past, including the spectacular highlining performance from Faith Dickey on the motorway near Vrgorac last year. Inland Dalmatia at its most daring…
The motorway had not yet been opened, so Faith did not have to worry about other traffic, but traffic was the least of her worries in this quite incredible video.
Things have changed since she made the attempt, however, and the Vrgorac section of the motorway opened earlier this week, linking the port of Ploce with inland Dalmatia. Hold on to your seats and watch Faith in action. Needless to say, you should not try this at home. Or on a motorway.

The Christmas Fair on the Split Riva

(all photos by Jakov Prkic)

The stunning December weather has been the icing on the cake for what has been a very successful 2013 for Split tourism. Some hardy souls are jumping around in the Adriatic playing picigin, but the saner part of the population has plenty to enjoy outdoors without getting too cold.

One great addition to the recent Split events calendar has been the introduction of the Christmas fair on Riva, which has really brought the waterfront to life. The various small blue and white cottages, offering drinks, food and souvenirs, have been doing a brisk trade since they opened a few weeks ago.

From morning coffee to early evening entertainment, music later on or a very late night drink, the fair has been an excellent addition to the December atmosphere in Split. And to think that people are flying to snow-covered Egypt in search of late season sun and fun…