155,000 Tourists Currently in Split-Dalmatia County!


A coordination meeting including the Croatian Tourist Board and tourist boards from Split-Dalmatia County was held in Split on July 21. Along with the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, the coordination meeting was attended by the director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Joško Stella, and 27 representatives of tourist boards of towns and municipalities in the county.

In the introduction, director Staničić presented the results of tourist traffic and emphasized that this year’s tourist season started much better than last year, noting that more than 840,000 tourists are currently staying in Croatia, of which about 155,000 are in Split-Dalmatia County. As he said, the peak of the tourist season is ahead of us, and an even more significant number of guests is expected, though it will mostly depend on the epidemiological situation.

“We have prepared the season very well, we have carried out key marketing and PR activities, the campaigns “Safe Stay in Croatia” and “Trust me, I’ve been there” have achieved excellent results because Croatia is positioned as a quality, safe and well-prepared destination, which is confirmed by the current course of tourist traffic. In addition, we have conducted targeted information campaigns on border crossing protocols, the epidemiological situation in the country, and we are in intensive communication with critical partners in foreign markets,” said director Staničić, adding that all activities and campaigns of the CNTB reached about 300 million people.

The director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board, Joško Stella, emphasized that the tourist numbers in the county are growing day by day, but also that one should remain responsible so that the tourist traffic can continue unhindered.

During the coordination, the Croatian National Tourist Board’s campaign “Experience local. Explore rural Croatia!” was presented, which achieved excellent promotional results during the two months of implementation, achieving almost 33 million impressions through online channels, social networks, and digital outdoor advertising, while seven thematic videos were viewed nearly 4 million times in total.

The coordination emphasized the importance of preserving a favorable epidemiological picture, but also the placement of accurate and precise information on foreign markets, with particular emphasis on border crossing protocols, and discussed tourist tax and membership fees, strategic projects, airlines, nautical tourism, the association of tourist boards, the Croatian digital tourism project, and more. 

The coordination meeting was also attended by Šime Klarić, President of the National Association of Family and Small Hotels, and a Croatian National Tourist Board member.