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Explore the unique Underwater Museum

Try something different. Explore a unique underwater story designed for the whole family, children and adults. Visit the unique underwater museum, relax on the beach, refresh yourself with a snack-bar offer and have fun in the aquapark. Swim, snorkel or scuba dive and tour the entire underwater museum. Day trips to the museum with departures from Trogir and Split are carefully organized to provide all visitors with a complete and uninterrupted experience of the whole story. For boaters coming by their boats, anchoring is safe. It is required to check availability before arrival. Permanent exhibition of the museum is located only 2 NM from Trogir and is placed on the seabed at a shallow depth in the range of 4-12 m. In this way, sightseeing is possible for everyone, ordinary swimmers, snorkelers, freedivers, scuba divers, absolute beginners in scuba diving and experienced divers.

The museum consists of 2 themes.

Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) under the sea The theme of Via Crucis consists of all 14 stations of the Way of the Cross with a total of 52 life-size statues and a large 8-meter-tall statue of Jesus Christ in the form of the 15th Station – “Resurrection of Jesus Christ”. As such, the entire Way of the Cross under the sea is the only one in the world. All figures are handmade, unique made of ferrocement and completely environmentally friendly.
The statues are placed at a shallow depth of only 4-5 meters, and a large 8-meter statue at a depth of 12 m, to provide sightseeing for everyone – children and adults, experienced divers, complete scuba beginners, freedivers, snorkelers and ordinary swimmers.

A real military plane under the sea In addition to the existing unique in the world the entire Way of the Cross under the sea, the museum has been enriched with a new theme. A real military plane has been set up at a depth of only 10 m. Due to the small depth offers an interesting snorkelling and scuba location and everyone can explore the entire underwater museum. The decommissioned single-seater attack jet got a new purpose and was turned into a real underwater attraction. It has been completely renovated cosmetically. Strictly paying attention to marine life, mechanical parts and anything that could endanger the environment have been removed.
Due to the small depth offers an interesting snorkelling and scuba location and everyone can explore the entire underwater museum, both statues and plane.

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