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Along the paths of Roman legions

Following the Roman roads, an authentic part of the ancient traffic system, walk the original paths that have been walked for centuries by the heavy feet of the Roman legionnaires and go back to the millennial history of the Roman province of Dalmatia which centre was Salona.

Archaeological research in the Dalmatian hinterland during the construction of the modern road infrastructure revealed a Roman road network whose starting point was in Salona, along with the Diocletian Palace, one of the ancient gems of this area. In the Dalmatian hinterland, after thousands of years, the stones of the Roman roads are still visible traces (so called, spurile) where the heavy chariots of the Roman legionnaires who once walked along these roads, when expanding the Roman Empire.

The roads were built by the legionnaires themselves, prisoners of war, slaves and auxiliary manpower. The five roads from Salona to the hinterland of the Roman province of Dalmatia were built over less then seven years, and were more than 820 km in length (roughly a little more than 550 Roman miles).

Step along these millennial stone tracks starting in Salona and continuing along all the Roman sites in the Dalmatian hinterland area.

Roads leading from Salona:

– The Military road Salona – Klis – Andetrium (Gornji Muć)

– The Conquering and setting boundaries road Salona – Klis, Dugopolje – Dicmo – Aequum (Čitluk) – Servitium

– The Mining road Salona – Tilurum (Gardun, Trilj) – Argentaria (area of Srebrenica)

– The Commercial road Salona – Tilurum – Narona (Vid near Metković)

– Salona – Spalato (Split)

– Salona – Epetium (Stobreč) – Oneum (near the hamlet Baučići, Omiš) –   Makarska

– Salona – Siculi (Resnik) – Tragurium (Trogir)


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