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The flavours and scents of tradition

The unique tastes of the sea, lightly cooked and easily digestible food that includes lots of fish, olive oil, vegetables and herbs,  the freshness of both the field and the garden, river and meat delicacies and quality wine, all that is true of the Central Dalmatia table whose flavours and scents you will remember for a very long time.

Dalmatian inhabitants are well known as fans of a bountiful table. Various aromatic herbs grown on the sunny slopes, along with parsley and garlic, create a little culinary secret of this cuisine with the scent of laurel, rosemary or basil.

Capers and olives that are served with all appetisers are indispensable and particularly with Dalmatian prosciutto dried in the Bura wind and sheep’s milk cheese. A special place is reserved for the fish that is prepared grilled (na gradele), as fish stew (na brudet) or boiled whilst shellfish and crabs are traditionally prepared allabuzara. The most well-known method of meat preparation is stew (pašticada) with homemade gnocchi and lamb under a bell-shaped dome lid. At the end of your meal, do not miss sweetening your gastronomic story with rožata or Trogir rafioli.

The Zagora region offers traditional meals served and prepared in exceptional quality restaurants with  trout, frogs and crustaceans from the river Cetina, Sinj arambaši, boiled lamb, beef under a bell-shaped dome lid, pulestar (young rooster) under a bell-shaped dome lid, koštradina, game, lamb, goat and cow’s milk cheese, fritters, and above all traditional Dalmatian smoked ham – salted pork smoked leg dried in the northern wind – Bura.

When speaking about pastries, it is worth pampering your palate with Imotski cake and rafioli and drink bikla which is obtained by mixing red wine and milk, usually in the same proportion.


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