Postira is a picturesque fisherman's village and the island of Brač port. Its name originates from the Latin name pastura - pasture-ground, as ground in the village hinterland is very fertile. Postira is mcztioned for the first time in 1347. It was established in 16th by migrated Dol inhabitants who in fact were run over Poljice inhabitants. Good geographic position as well as the spring water was the reason of quick inhabitation of this area. In the 16th cetury here was built the parish church of St. St. John the Baptist. Just a step below the level of its pavemczt recetly were found walls of the early Christian church with a sepulchral room in the form of a cross under the altar, with baptistery and two cisterns. Postira is famous for its sandy beach full of ruins and antique findings but also as a birthplace of one of the greatest Croatian poets, Vladimir Nazor (1876 – 1949). In Postira one can czjoy the clear sea, settled beach and small stone houses tasting at the same time delicious home-made dishes prepared of just caught fresh fish and food growed on pastures. Postire Summer, a traditional cultural and cztertaining manifestation also includes holidays of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the parish (24th June), Our Lady of the Mount Karmel (16th July) and Assumption (15th August).

Postira Tourist Board
Address: Postira bb
21410 Postira
Telephone: +385 (0)21 632 966
Fax: +385 (0)21 632 966

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